Kelly Lubeck offers her healing services as a space for each individual to step into her/his inner wisdom, choose health & happiness, and experience lasting healing from the inside out.  She partners with clients to help them see what is possible for their health and lives, and holds open that vision for them to step into while she guides them on a healing journey.  

Kelly has designed her healing practice to offer a range of services from energy medicine, to yoga, to holistic health coaching.  The services can be offered individually or integrated as a package.  

Kelly's healing practice is founded on the idea that humans have an enormous capacity to heal, and everything that manifests in the body - physically or emotionally - is an expression of the underlying energetic state and personal history encoded in their cells. Physical symptoms are simply the body in its infinite wisdom asking for attention to what lies at a deeper, energetic level, and offer an invitation to heal the underlying issues.

Drawing from a range of healing tools and modalities, Kelly partners with each individual to gently guide them to health by clearing out any obstacles (physical, emotional, energetic) in the way of health and vitality, providing simple but powerful lifestyle changes and healing practices, and using transformational tools to bring forth the desired state of health and well being.  Services can be customized to clients' desires and needs.