"Kelly is someone who is wise beyond her years, an extraordinary healer, a gifted teacher of yoga and holistic wellness, and an intuitive, loving, compassionate mother of mothers.

She is, plain and simple, a midwife of souls.

Kelly’s very presence creates a nurturing and safe healing environment.    She is able to create a sense of confidence and trust by her own competence, compassion, and fierce love of mothers and mothering."

- Barbara Swift, RN, Shamanic Energy Practitioner and Life Coach, California

Work with Kelly!!!!  I still don’t fully understand many aspects of what she has done for me, but what I do understand are the transformative effects she has created. 

After repeated pregnancy losses, my husband and I were given an incredible opportunity when another couple chose to donate their unused IVF embryos to us.  I was so excited and humbled by this second chance we were given, but also full of fear and apprehension about the possibility of more impending losses, and the incredible sadness that comes along with these losses – of a dream not realized. 

I first worked with Kelly while we were in the midst of the repeated miscarriages.  I knew the burden of sadness that I was carrying around was not helpful in any way for a future pregnancy, but I didn’t know how to let it go or how to process it.  With Kelly’s help, I have been able to manage those feelings much more productively.  One of our sessions was soon after the first embryo transfer didn’t take.  Through this work, I was able to release a lot of the fear that was making me feel shut down.  I remember when she asked me to visualize my belly, all I could see was a tightly wound blanket that looked like steel wool surrounding my belly in order to protect it from more harm.  We worked together to change that image and visualize a fertile environment for a little one to grow.  The second transfer was successful and I am currently 36 weeks!

Instead of a prescribed plan for everyone, she teaches the importance of self-discovery and reflection to find our own unique path.
— Elizabeth Hubley

At the start of my third trimester, we had a session where I wasn’t feeling very connected to the baby. I was worried I wouldn’t feel like it was really ours after the birth since it is genetically not ours. I was also worried that the disconnection I was feeling would harm its growth and development. Kelly worked with me – and afterwards and ever since then, I have felt so much more connected to this little being that is growing inside of me.  For a pregnancy that has been so ‘unnatural’ in so many ways, working with Kelly has brought me back to the roots of that organic parent-child connection that was missing for me. 

That sense of connection has continued to grow and deepen over the weeks and I am so excited to meet this little being and be its mom. I am so grateful to Kelly for the work that she does.  She is very skilled and I have always felt safe in her care.     

- Jennifer Crawford, MPH, Public Health Professional, Australia

"When I worked with Kelly post-partum, there was a period where I was feeling stuck and stagnant both physically and emotionally. I was feeling physical pain in my hips, and was upset and stressed about family stuff that was coming up that was overwhelming me. In leading me through the energy healing work, it felt like Kelly pulled a cork out and all of the pain, stress and overwhelming feelings were physically lifted and released. What had seemed like physical symptoms disappeared by working with Kelly, and I had also generated more space to interact with my family calmly and feel healthy about it.

It felt like Kelly pulled a cork out and all of the pain, stress and overwhelming feelings were physically lifted and released.
— Sonia Gonzalez

I was initially intimidated by the “energy medicine” part of Kelly’s work because it seemed foreign and inaccessible to me, but when I had issues come up with family members, I knew I needed to try it out whole-heartedly. In our phone-based sessions, Kelly spoke to me of how babies offer so much that is beautiful but also reveal vulnerabilities from prior and current relationships and interactions. I wasn’t very sensitive to this during my pregnancy, but once my son was born, I realized how urgent and important it was to address the issues as they arise both for myself and relationships that will be formed with my son with people who I care about.  

I was surprised by how efficiently and comprehensively Kelly was able to get at the core of what was happening for me. By gently guiding me, she took me to the root and it was as if she extracted the problem at its source. I experienced an abertura (English can’t quite get at the meaning of this word, but opening, emergence, cleansing all speak to my experience) in working with her that shifted the way I connect to my partner and my child and other family members."

- Sonia Gonzalez, Public Health Professional, Brooklyn, NY

“Movement is essential. Throughout our lives our muscles and tissues can become tight and restricted from trauma and holding emotion. Kelly recognizes the vital importance of restoring movement and the flow of energy in our bodies. I have experienced this in her yoga sessions.  

In just a short time, I discovered greater flexibility, strength and a deeper sense of myself.  She skillfully crafted her sessions to meet the needs of all those who participated, holding us all in a very safe and comfortable space.  Kelly has an enormous capacity to bring about true healing.  I highly recommend her.”

- T. Mark Seidelmann, MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation / Pain Medicine, California

"When my baby was only two weeks old, my husband and I were having a really hard time adjusting to our new life, with incredible sleep deprivation and total overwhelm at having this new life to take care of.  I was having problems with lactation and feeling like a huge failure not being able to feed my baby.  It was an overwhelming, tearful time for me, and also a time filled with so much joy and love, so it was very confusing.

I had been feeling like I was falling apart every day, but this day I called Kelly in hysterics feeling I was almost at my breaking point.  She was incredible - first she talked to me until I was calm enough to allow her to work on me.  Then she had me lie down and breathe with her while she did her energy work.  Within minutes I felt relief all over my body – and this sense of calm rushed over me, which was amazing, because I had not felt calm since before I went into labor.  And I was able to breathe, really deeply breathe, for the first time since before my labor.

Kelly has an enormous capacity to bring about true healing
— T. Mark Seidelmann, MD

It felt like a heavy layer was removed from me and I was able to see the world clearer, see myself clearer and appreciate what was happening in my life."

- Becca Krauss-Carels, Chi Gong practitioner and Acupuncturist, New York

“Before working with Kelly, I felt like taking time for myself seemed selfish, that I should be doing things for others less fortunate than myself.  Through my work with her, I learned that taking care of myself – by practicing yoga, journaling, and meditation– helps to keep me grounded and balanced, gives me more clarity about how I can help others, and opens up more opportunities to do the work that I love.

Kelly has amazing skills in working with each individual to help her discover her own strengths, direction, and healing modalities.  Instead of a prescribed plan for everyone, she teaches the importance of self-discovery and reflection to find our own unique path.  Kelly guided me to a yoga practice that has become a powerful healing tool in my own life.  My regular practice has been an amazing stress-reducer and has greatly lessened my back pain caused by scoliosis.  

Thanks for everything, Kelly! Your support has greatly impacted my life and - especially recently - given me the confidence to follow my dreams and do what I can to make my passion into my career.”

- Elizabeth Hubley, BA, Registered Yoga Teacher, Health Coach, Maryland

I began my yoga practice to deal with the stress that my life-or-death job and a move to New York City had brought into my life.  My first class was Kelly’s beginner's class. When I mentioned the issue of being an out of shape 50 year old man in a class with 20-somethings, Kelly assured me the environment was diverse and non-judgmental.  As a teacher, she was gently persuasive, addressing anything and everything I had thought of.

Kelly, you are one of the most amazing yoga artists I have had the honor to meet. Your presence inspires.
— Mary Celeste

After that first class, I knew I was now a yoga student.  My biggest problem was me.  Going to yoga turned out to be a life-changing event.   I stopped asking why and started asking why not. Using some of the many things I learned from Kelly, three years later I am still using stretching and breathing exercises, and standing taller as a result. I no longer need professional help to work the kinks out of my back where I carry stress and I am peacefully sleeping a normal seven hours every evening.

For me, Kelly showed me there can be balance in life and the most important investment one can make is in one's self. Since I started asking why not, I have traveled the world, made amazing friends, and accomplished great things that benefit millions of people. I am unendingly grateful to my friend and teacher.

- Jerry Eisner, Group Director - Public Safety, RedSky Technologies, Illinois

"The biggest challenge I faced before joining Kelly’s program was the fear of childbirth, and also feeling like my emotions were out of control.  Practicing Meditation and Yoga with Kelly brought peace to my mind and calmed my fears. I felt wonderful relaxation in my mind and body. Our sessions left me feeling recharged, balanced, and flexible.  She also taught me techniques to take home and practice on my own.

Before giving birth, I did exercises Kelly taught me that I believe helped me to stay as calm and as relaxed as possible in labor. In fact, everyone who attended my labor complimented me on how strong and calm I was. I thank Kelly for helping me to physically prepare for the event and helping me learn how to relax mentally and emotionally.”

- Michele Bowen, Flautist and Music Teacher, Cambodia

"Kelly’s classes must be experienced.  Her knowledge of yoga goes beyond the physical postures. While we hold a pose, she explains thoroughly what parts of the body are being affected, and its benefits.  Her music selection, and the reading she gives of excerpts of great spiritual thinkers is extremely soothing.  It could not be more beneficial!" 

- Monica Reis, New York