Sacred Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Supporting women in their fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum journeys demonstrates for me a commitment to women experiencing this powerful rite of passage.  It is also a commitment to the well being of the children, partner, family and society. This is one of my favorite offerings.

For women (and their partners), the whole experience - from trying to conceive to growing a baby, to giving birth to becoming a parent - is transformational. Every aspect of this journey can provoke a range of emotions. There is so much joy, excitement, anticipation, and hope. At the same time, fears, family patterns and emotional wounds that need attention and healing are often brought to the surface.  It is also a time when women really understand how incredibly important their health and well-being is.

I offer Sacred Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond for mothers who recognize that this time in their lives can be a unique and important catalyst for them (and their partners) to create transformation in their health, well being, self-care and healing. They recognize that doing this work now sets the stage for bright and healthy future for their babies.

To help mothers and families feel supported and empowered, reduce anxiety, stress and create new family patterns of health, self-care and general well being, I offer the following:

  • Sacred Pregnancy Prenatal Coaching and Healing
  • Peaceful Postpartum Coaching and Healing
  • Birth Story Healing Program
  • Baby Blessings and Family Blessing Ceremonies
  • Fertility Support Program
  • New Mom Support Groups
  • Additional group programs for mothers
  • Speaking engagements and training workshops for pregnancy and postpartum professionals and groups interested in supporting this powerful rite of passage

All programs are generally conducted virtually (phone or Skype), anywhere in the world, to make it easy for busy moms. Programs can also be arranged in person.

If you are a mother or an organization interested in learning more about the Sacred Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond program offerings, please contact me here.